How We Made $300 In ONE DAY

How We Made $300 In ONE DAY

side hustle: how we made $300 in one day

This time of the year is filled with unexpected spending. From Christmas gifts, to holiday meals to family vacations it seems like the expenses never end. 


With all of the extra expenses, it’s important to balance it out with some extra income or your whole budget will feel out of wack. There are a lot of ways to do this- picking up extra hours at work, babysitting or pet sitting, working at events or festivals, and more. My all time favorite, though, is FLIPPING. 

What is Flipping?

Flipping is basically just when you buy something and sell it for more. A lot of people flip houses- they will purchase them, fix them up a bit, and sell them for more. Housing requires a pretty big initial investments though, and what a lot of people don’t think about is that this can be done on a much smaller scale. You can flip anything- cars, furniture, clothes, electronics, anything! These things will give you a smaller profit margin, but it’s still a great side gig for some extra cash. 

How did I make $300 in one day?

This weekend I decided to do some flipping myself because I had a pretty open schedule. Here’s what I found: 


9" x 10" Rug: $30

Office Chair

computer: $50

Office Chair

chair: free

I got home and immediately re-posted them (no shame, lol). Within the weekend I had sold all 3!! These were the sale prices: 



9" x 10" Rug: $70

Office Chair

computer: $280

Office Chair

chair: $30

Yup you’ve got it, that’s $300 profit from just 3 flips. I’d say it was a pretty successful flipping weekend. All in all, I spent about an hour or two picking up the things and re-posting them, and some time here and there messaging people who were interested in purchasing. 

Here are some other successful flips we’ve had in the past few months: 

Mattress: $160 

Couch: $325 

School Bus: $1850

Where do i find things to flip?

Side of the Road: There’s this one corner on our street that people always leave free things at. Couches, desks, chairs, all the time! Always keep your eyes peeled for curb side freebies. 


Yard Sales: Usually people have yard sales because they just want to get rid of things. Maybe they’re moving in a few days and they “need everything gone.” They’re just planning to dump what’s left at a donation center after the yard sale, so they’ll take whatever they can get. Yard sales are a great place for negotiating.


Facebook Marketplace and Other Facebook Groups: This is usually the best way to find flippers. Most things on marketplace are overpriced, but every once in a while you’ll find a gem. 


KSL and Craigslist: Both of these have a FREE section. This is filled with a whole lot of junk, but sometimes there’s some great stuff there that people are just too lazy to sell. One time I saw a brand new king sized Purple Mattress on there! Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough. 


Thrift Stores like DI and Goodwill: Honestly, I’ve never found anything at thrift stores because they usually price everything pretty reasonably. Every once in a while, though, I’ll hear a story about someone who makes hundreds of dollars off a thrift store find. 

What do i need to flip?

Flipping is GREAT for people with a pick-up truck, and some extra space in their house. However, flipping can be for anyone. We have a truck which is great, but we live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment so flipping couches or other larger pieces of furniture isn’t super common for us. 

some extra tips

Always keep your eye out. Check these sites a couple of times a day. 

People love to low-ball. Be patient, and wait for the person willing to pay the asking price or negotiate fairly.  

Be safe. Flipping involves a lot of stranger danger. Just be safe, and don’t get yourself into sketchy situations. It’s always best to meet in public if you can, or not to meet alone. 

How I made 300
How we made $300

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