7 Things You’re Wasting Money On

7 Things You’re Wasting Money On

7 thing you're wasting money on

So you’ve had this financial goal for a while, but just can’t seem to reach it. No matter how many budgets you’ve filled out or how many New Years Resolutions you’ve made, you’re still somehow living paycheck to paycheck. 

It really sucks to be stressed about money, and totally takes a toll on every aspect of your life- confidence, motivation, relationships. I know it seems like financial freedom is so far away, but truth is some simple changes can bring pretty immediate results. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not about how much you make it’s about how much you spend.” When it comes down to it there are really only two ways to reach that financial goal- either make more money or save more money. While making money is great, without learning the fundamentals of saving it’s really not going to help you much. I know quite a few people who make about 5 times as much as me but somehow I still end up with money money in my bank account. 

Obviously, the first step to saving is reviewing your bank account and evaluating what random crap you spend your money on and then figuring out what to cut out. But I made it even easier- so here are 7 things that you’re probably wasting all of your money on. 

And here’s the challenge: while reading this, you’ve gotta pick one to cut out. Got it? 

Eating Out

This is number one for a reason. I seriously cannot emphasize enough how much eating out sucks your bank account dry. I work in a call center, and every single day, almost everyone here goes out for lunch. & we’re not just talking about a burger from Wendys, they get a Chipotle meal with a drink and everything. We even have free drinks at work, and they still get drinks! 

On average, Americans spends $3,008 (https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/27/how-much-americans-waste-on-dining-out.html) a year just on eating out. That freakin nuts, don’t be that guy.

Heres a suggestion- do some meal planning and then pack your lunch. Make a few meals on Sunday that you can throw in the freezer and grab in the morning. I seriously love this article from The Budget Hustle with some budget friendly meal ideas- check it out! Even when you pack a lunch it can be easy to forget it, so I recommend putting a reminder on your phone to grab your lunch every morning.

& if you happen to forget your lunch, look for a really good deal. Some apps like 2for1 and Hooked App are good places to start.

Here’s an article I love from The Penny Hoarder about where to get a healthy lunch for under $5: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/save-money/healthiest-fast-food-under-five-dollars/



We’re talking nails, lashes, massages, facials, and all that jazz. These are a total money sucker, but thankfully there are great alternatives. A few days ago I picked up a 6-pack of Ardell Lashes on Amazon for $11.99. If you keep them clean and don’t put mascara on them, you can reuse them 10-15 times each. I highly recommend Ardell’s Demi Wispies (which you can buy here)- they stay on well and look super natural. 

As for nails, consider those little stick on nails. Have your friend give you a massage. Get a sheet mask from Walmart. You get the idea. 

Buying new clothes

 I know, every girl loves walking through the mall with an arm full of bright shopping bags. I do too! But guess what? The satisfaction of having arms full of shopping bags is even greater when you got it all for under $20. 

If you buy a shirt at a cute boutique, it’ll probably run you about $35. At a thrift store you can probably get 4-5 shirts for that much. There’s nothing wrong with shopping, but be sure to shop smart. 

I didn’t buy one full-priced piece of clothing all summer, yet I always had new (to me) clothes. Thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace are your best friends! 


The average American spend $2,008 a year on Coffee. JUST COFFEE. I know this is a hard one to swallow. I’m not saying you can’t drink coffee or soda, just don’t stop by the gas station on the way to work every day for it. If you’re a huge Diet Coke Fan, buy it at the store and grab a can before you go to work. If you’ve gotta have your morning coffee, buy a little coffee maker (https://bit.ly/2nD0WA5) and whip it up in the morning while your putting on your makeup. 

A tall latte at Starbucks is $2.95, while it only costs about 17 cents to brew your own at home. wowza, that a big difference. 

Brands, brands, brands!

In the last section, I could’ve said to buy a Kurig and you’d be looking at about $60. However, I went with an off brand one that does that same job for half the price.

Shopping specific brands is tempting because you wanna stay on top of the trends, but you can still look trendy without the nike swoosh and apple logo.

I always loved my Makeup Forever HD Foundation. Once I realized how much money I was spending on it though, I decided to explore some other options and found Maybeline Fit Me. Not only is it $37 cheaper, Iit turns out I actually like it’s coverage more too.

This is the same with name-brand clothes, electronics, furniture, anything! 

Convenience Food

This includes frozen meals, bagged salad, precut fruit, snack size chips, pre-made sandwiches, and other grab and go type things for busy days. This stuff is marked up BIG TIME.

Let’s just talk about pre-made salads for a sec. I used to buy those little salads from the grocery store with a tiny dressing packet and a little fork for $5.99. After a while I realized how much I was spending and figured I could probably save a bit by making it at home. I tried one week and bought a bag of lettuce, some croutons, a bottle of dressing, and some toppings. I went home and pre-packed the salads in 5 little containers. When all was said and done, this came out to about $1.50 a day. I saved $22.50 that week by making my own salads! 

Have you ever seen those little containers of cut up pineapple for like $6? You can literally buy 2 whole pineapples for that price. Just buy the pineapple and cut it up- It’s all about planning ahead, ya’ll. 

Knick Knacks

Yeah I’m a huge culprit of this one. Just think about it for a second- where is that conch shell that you got from Panama City Beach last year? What did you do with that pen that had the Empire State building on it?

I know, It always seems like a good idea in the moment to buy those little souvenirs and knick knacks, but lets face it they all end up in the trash or in your nieces toy box. 

Of course, it’s okay to buy these things every once in a while. Once in a blue moon I’ll definitely splurge on getting my nails done, but for the most part I stay away from here things. I meal prep, I do my own nails, and I get clothes at thrift stores. If you read this article and think, “man, I don’t buy any of these things,” then go and make your own list. The point is, we all have our culprits that are slowly draining our accounts. These are some common ones, but maybe yours are different. Either way, make a commitment right now to give up some of your culprits. Your bank account will thank you! 

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